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CRYPTOGODFATHER is the first decentralized exchange based on smart contracts, working on the Ethereum blockchain and having a convenient and intuitive interface. The exchange supports real-time trading and provides high transaction throughput.

CRYPTOGODFATHER is the most advanced DEX Ethereum.

At your disposal:

  • creation of any order by signature method (without gas costs)
  • no deposit interaction: the ability to pay for an order from the wallet (without replenishing the balance on the exchange), which is unique
  • the ability to conduct multiple transactions simultaneously
  • purchase of a part of an order
  • order cancellation
  • lack of minimum limits on deposit and withdrawal of funds
  • trading without commission in pairs to CRYPTO and the lowest commission in other pairs
  • lack of authorization and verification
  • the ability to sell project tokens during an ICO (IEO) without paying a listing fee
  • the ability to profit from the commission of other users

Interaction with the exchange is carried out through a METAMASK wallet or similar.


CRYPTOGODFATHER consists of smart contracts and a web interface for trading. A smart contract is responsible for the storage of all assets and the execution of trade transactions, while all transactions must be signed using the user's private keys. This architecture provides security, unlike conventional exchanges.


  • English
  • Russian

In the near future it is planned to add new languages: Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and others.

Beginning of work


To start working with the exchange, you need to have or install Metamask or another similar wallet.

Connection request

To start interacting with the exchange, you need to connect to the Ethereum API, for this, click the connect button.


Deposit commission is 0,95%.

All funds collected in the form of a commission are sent to the bank of commissions.

Users also pay gas fees to post their transactions on the blockchain (read more below).

Commission Bank

All funds collected in the form of a commission are sent to the bank of commissions, 100% of which are distributed among CRYPTO holders as a reward.


This is the internal currency of the exchange, created for trading without a commission on the exchange and secured by the income of the exchange collected in the form of commissions in ETH and other tokens, as well as CRYPTO is the main cryptocurrency of the free ICO designer with a built-in freelance exchange (CRYPTOGODFATHER.COM)

How to get a reward

To receive remuneration, it is necessary to keep crypto on the balance of the exchange. To exclude jumps in the course, the commission is distributed once on any day during the calendar month. You will see a button to receive a reward, we will notify you by e-mail, if you wish.

Gas fees

What is gas?

For any transactions on the Ethereum network, gas is needed - this is a fee that is paid to the miners to process the transaction.

How much gas is needed for a deal?

The first transaction with a new token requires an average of 160 units of gas, and when executing a subsequent order with the same token, the commission is reduced by 20-30%, which is comparable to using gas on other DEX.

For comparison, only about 29 thousand units of gas are spent to replenish the deposit on the exchange, to withdraw money from the exchange 70 thousand. To place an order to sell any tokens for ETH, you do not spend gas at all (the order is created using a signature). Removing an order of about 58 thousand

Who pays gas fees?

Users must pay all gas fees required to use the exchange. Among them, permission to use tokens, replenishment of a deposit, withdrawal from a deposit, and also the execution of an order.


There is no minimum order size

In CRYPTOGODFATHER there is no minimum threshold for the amount of the created order (unlike, for example, IDEX 0.15 ETH (equivalent) for makers and 0.05 ETH (equivalent) for takers)

Amount of replenishment of deposit and withdrawal without restrictions

You can replenish your deposit with any number of tokens, with IDEX 0.04 ETH, and also withdraw any amount from the balance.

Token Operations Permission

To create an order to sell your tokens, you need to give permission to interact with the token being sold and indicate the required quantity. The exception is the CRYPTO / ETH pair. When creating an order to sell tokens for ETH or CRYTO, permission is not required.

Follow the link to see the issued permissions for interaction. You also have the opportunity to recall them.
It’s more convenient for you to immediately give permission to use a large number of tokens, so that you do not later waste gas on additional permissions.

No deposit interaction with the exchange

Ability to create an order from the user's wallet

When creating an order to sell tokens for ETH or CRYTPO with insufficient funds on deposit, the user has the opportunity to create an order from the wallet.

Buying tokens for ETH is possible only from the balance of users on the exchange. However, when buying for CRYPTO, we can use the funds both from the wallet and from the balance of the exchange.

Ability to choose where to send funds after order execution

When creating any order, the user has the opportunity to choose where to send the funds from the transaction to a deposit on the exchange or to the user's wallet.

Listing on the stock exchange (IEO)

The exchange supports listing of ERC20 tokens and other compatible ones created on the Ethereum network.

How to add a token to the exchange

Check the availability of your token using the search string by the name of the tokens, maybe it is already on the exchange, if you did not find it there, you can use the simple form to add a new token under the token block, specifying only the token address, all data from etherscan will be automatically retrieved .

Refill your tokens with a deposit on the exchange and place a sell order.

We also recommend that you use the “Token Additions” form in the upper right corner to make an improved description of your project in the message field, indicate the ICO dates, after which your IEO will appear on the main page of the exchange.

Change Token Data

If you want to change the description, make it better, add a description in different languages, then use the "Add Token" form in the upper right corner.


Is it safe to store funds on CRYPTOGODFATHER?

Yes. All funds located on the CRYPTOGODFATHER deposit smart contract are stored under the user's constant control. CRYPTOGODFATHER cannot trade, withdraw or perform any other operations with your funds if you have not signed the transaction with a cryptographic signature. We added the ability to directly withdraw funds from the contract after a certain period of inactivity. This ensures that even if the CRYPTOGODFATHER servers are unavailable, users will still be able to withdraw their funds from the contract.


Exchange deposit contract - 0xe2444cb0e1aaa2e05e66ddf2f1c8d07cb38a28db
Exchange contract - 0x4ef51da29098b551f2342072be0cbea158aa4bcc
Crypto token - 0xfbf67814c36f4e15ce242ded63466d4f1bacd8d4